The order of purchase and terms of sale

The Order of purchase and terms of sale of the files containing 3D models

Purchase is made in a ruble equivalent. If you pay off in other currency, there is an automatic conversion.
The purchase of the files containing 3D models is computer-assisted; you get them after you have paid. After clicking “BUY”, you go to the page where you pay for the product. On this page the properties of the product and its price are given. You can choose “WebMoney” or “ROBOKASSA” from the down-drop list. After clicking on “BUY AT THE PRICE” ("Купить за цену") you move to the system “WebMoney” or “ROBOKASSA”.
If you’ve chosen “WebMoney Transfer” (you ought to be registered and have a ruble purse there), you should go to their web page and insert your mobile number or your WebMoney UID (user identifier), and the code from the picture. After that “WebMoney Transfer” will demand your password for the payment and will send an SMS message with the code that you’ll have to insert into the appropriate field of the WebMoney site. You can find all the necessary information about the WebMoney payment system on their website. If you have chosen ROBOKASSA, then you are free to choose any kind of payment: bank cards, Visa, MasterCard, and other e-payment systems.
You can refuse to buy any product at any moment before your payment is confirmed. After you have paid, click on “Go to the merchant’s website” ("Вернуться к продавцу" or "Вернуться на сайт магазина"). On this page you should click on ‘Yes” ("Да") to move to the web page where you can download the necessary file. You can continue downloading here, but if you download via a browser, do not close it till you finish downloading the file on your computer. (The web page where you download from may be closed). If you’ve closed this web page or haven’t completed the download, go to the page of the purchase again and there you can again download the same file free of charge.
After you have bought our 3D models, you can use them in your own projects, but you can’t resell or distribute them free of charge. The 3D models are sold by the specialists in 3D graphics, that’s why the Seller is not responsible for the Buyer’s (if he or she is not a professional) not knowing how to deal with the programs written for 3D models. The majority of the specialists in 3D graphics will be able to understand the brief description of the properties of the product which is enclosed in the file.
On any questions write on email: or for communication use skype. My login of the skype is animarom.