3D reconstruction based on the archival documents

3D architectural models based on the archival documents

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Here you can see the examples of 3D architectural models based on the archival documents: old photos, pictures and drafts. Later on, a modeled building can be printed on a 3D printer. It can also be used to create an interactive exhibit for a virtual museum, or a review video. The customer gives all the possible archival documents, even a single old photo, and we make a model. If there is an arguable point, the process of modeling is based on experience, or similar architectural details, places and archives of the past. Besides, people and horses (of old times) can be added. On the left, you can see the design of a city site which dates back to 19th century. This model based on 4 photos has been made for the presentation. Now there aren’t any buildings looking like that there. Besides, a short video with a passerby (a gendarme) against that place has been made in HD format.

Modeling buildings according to the archival documents is 30% more expensive than modeling based on ordinary photos. As buildings in the past had more refined ornaments, the cost of their modeling is twice as big. All in all, modeling one building costs 10 000 roubles on average. To calculate the exact cost of your future modeling, you send your photos and documents to our e-mail. You can order 3D architectural models based on the archival documents by sending an email or an Skype

The order on 3d modeling based on the archival documents can be made, having written on mail or to call by phone in the section contacts us

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