3D model of the Orthodox Church

3D model of Holy Myrrhbearing Women Church in Kaluga

Для iPad и iFone

3D model of Holy Myrrhbearing Women Church in Kaluga. This filename extension is .max (3dMax-2012-Sp2, V-Ray_Adv_2.10.01). It has texture. The details are worked out: the columns, iron casting, partitions, porch, and fence. To look at them, click the names of the church parts: the bell tower, the church porch, the utility rooms, and the apse. The file is big, and it’s divided into 2 parts. After downloading the main part (the church itself and texture maps) you will see the link to the second part which is free (mainly, these are proxy objects: the trees, fences, and maps of global illumination).
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